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1 word, 4 strings, 5 letters, an infitinity of notes...

He will transport you to a world where words do not stand the comparison with the wood and metal blend that allows to fully express. Forget about languages, forget about letters and alphabets, get ready to marry the vibe, embrace the chord with goosebumps.
Let's play! Classical, folk, rock, world, electronic and more, Gcello welcomes all genres and assembles notes and melodies with the existing or the improvised.

He originated from a classical education, and graduated from Montpellier music school. He was at that time given the chance to participate in chamber music ensembles, string and symphonic orchestras. Gorgeous venues and impressive operas were the thrill.
And then, "it" happened. "It" was realizing that not only Metallica sounded great on a cello but that many had already done that. From Apocalyptica to 2Cellos, it was a revelation and opened a door on a brand new universe. Rock music first, He became a founding member of Thoola. Playing Folk Rock music, they extensively toured bars, parks, clubs and great venues in Prague and all over Czech Republic.
Gradually evolving towards electronic music, Gcello Teamed up and played with many DJs, and bands including Awali, HouseLife and Anatomy of Melancholy. Always on the look for new challenges, inspirations and wonderful people, He embarked on the Brazilian adventure of IanSamba with his acoustic cello while playing solo on the electric. Indeed, when not surrounded by outstanding musicians, he makes use of other delays, loops, arduinos and raspberry to blend into an ambient chilled electronic music.